Growing from Hope to Courage!

We’ve been all over the place! And bad at keeping you posted. (Sorry!) Since we last spoke wrote (a year ago, in a few days), we finished our 2014 season of hope-rallying and began our 2015 with a charge of strength!

Our plan to reach eight different communities affected by Yolanda in 2014 became a reality when we brought our banner of hope to children in Estancia, Nueva Vizcaya and Negros Occidental. It was an incredible year. The adventures of which we had not foreseen or imagined. We were brought way beyond our comfort zone and into the warm embrace of local community leaders in so many different places. One for the books. Our gratitude goes out to all those who supported us through the journey, on the road and off.

The whole experience placed on our heart the beautiful burden of continuing the story.

This year, we are back on the road, adamant about returning to the communities we connected with last year. This time, our vision is of strength and courage for all the little ones! In the reality of natural disasters, terminal illnesses, hunger and great financial need, it is a powerful message to share.

In just the past few months, we have had three Children’s Fairs – in Tacloban and Manila. And as we write, we are working from Roxas City, in the middle of the first of this year’s free training sessions for community workers and leaders. (It’s going wonderfully!) Not only are we hoping to return to visit our friends, we hope to train local leaders to independently run child-centered programs that are creative, educational and fun! What an adventure we are on!

We will be traveling out of Manila for most of the year, but if you would like to help support our efforts to build capacity for child-centered learning and play in a handful of communities across the country, please email us at We are continuously need of partners willing to share their time, resources and prayers.


Tanya, for Buhay Makulay

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