Thank You, Volunteers! August 23 Children’s Fair, Calauan, Laguna.

Your response was incredible! Thank you, dear friends, for taking on the challenge of 1,500 kids with us!

Volunteers, we are continuously grateful for your serving and compassionate hearts that allow us to reach children all over the Philippines. If you were in Calauan with us, you may agree that this was one of the craziest Children’s Fairs we’ve ever had. The sheer number of children that were present, the heat of the sun, and the chaos of managing so many activities at once could have been completely overwhelming. But God is faithful and you were patient and loving the whole way through. THANK YOU!

We are also certain that you will agree that the children taught us much about hope in the few hours we had together. They shared their dreams, they shared their joys and they shared their smiles with us.

fotor IMG_1954_Fotor

Buhay Makulay was blessed with first-time and returning volunteers from Manila from all walks of life. We also had the help of local youth and young adults from TVET, as well as the blessing of the priests and nuns who live and serve Calauan, Laguna. The volunteers are in the photo above – still smiling after a long day of play and love with the children!

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