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Online Safety for Children: Sharing important resources for teachers, carers and parents

The season of quarantine and staying at home can be a challenge for many today, especially children. There is evidence for how hard it can be for children to navigate and cope during this season. Children are challenged with anxiety, fear, and many questions about what is going on. In addition, the pressures from life at home and life online can weigh heavy, and children may not always know how to ask for help or support. A help line from the UK has published a sample of what they are hearing from children about coronavirus – it includes worry about their family and their health, growing anxiety, experiences of bullying online, and sadly, even the surfacing of suicidal thoughts.

It is as important as ever to reach out to the children in our communities today. We all have a child or young person in our circle of influence. As we engage with children during the global pandemic and quarantine, here are three initiatives we can look into…

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